IONIA ODOS – Bridges


Motorway of Ionia Odos from Antirrio to the Ioannina, Pathe From Athens (Metamorfosi I/C) to Maliakos (Skarfia) and PATHE Connecting Branch from Schimatari to Chalkida, Section S3: Filippiada – Ioannina


Foundation design of bridges at section S3 , from Northen edge of Arta Bypass to Ioannina. a) Tsagaropoulo Bridge: L=449,5m, Ηmax=61,10m, Αmax=162,0m, cantileverd with pier foundation, b) Krifovo Bridge L=280,58m, Ηmax=41,21m, 50m spans, c) BR162 L=129.36m, Hmax=25,1m, d) BR167 L=79,5m at very steeply inclined morphology, e-f) IC Filippiada and IC Avgo Overpasses, L=78m on soft soils, with preloading and long piles.


October 2014 - Octomber 2016


Ministry of Public Works and Transportation / Administration of Concession Projects Concessionaire: Nea Odos S.A.


EuroIonia JV (Ferrovial Agroman-Dragados-Terna)


TERNA SA, Sotiropoulos& Associates SA